2017 food programme


Sahrawi children do not eat a lot but mostly, above all, they eat terribly badly. Mainly canned foods, low quality industrial foods from Algerian government. Canned food such as lentils and beans, unhealthy packaged snacks, drinks full of sugars.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish are products available in limited quantities and extremely expensive, which is why they cannot be consumed by the families of our young athletes.

After having entertained them thanks to the sport activity, we have decided to give our students the possibility to eat in a healthier, more correct and tastier way. To us this is the main priority.

In 2017 we wanted to guarantee the children attending our two boxing schools in Smara and Laayoune a daily meal after training: 6 days a week. The lunch box will be composed of simple and genuine foods, coming from the local market, such as eggs, tuna, cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables as well as a bottle of water. The cost will be about 1 euro per meal.

All this will have two advantages: making children healthier and fuller means training even better students!